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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a specialized technique used for optimizing a website as Search engine friendly and enhances the chances of well onto search result's pages.

Without proper Website Optimization, the chance's declines for getting on the top-notch position of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) on the based on the keyword crucial for your business.

Do I need SEO Services?

Yes, on thoughts regarding online promotion, isn’t the SEO Services first think that comes to mind? SEO is effective, mostly for Internet businesses. Guaranteed SEO Services & Best SEO Consultant help to promote your business on the global platform like some oil-extracting company to sell their product? Does it help to promote a small local grocery in the neighborhood of your home owned by an old chinese? Does it help Obama to rule his bureaucrats? Well, the answer is “yes.” Do you have one? If not, then you surely need SEO Services for popularizing your products and services in an Indian and global market.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO placement over Search Engine Results (SERPs) literally means website displays well naturally over search results. Organic SEO website need not paid for inclusions like: PPC advertising, or sneaky tricks are often employed by SEO practitioners trying to fool mother Google.

A good organic placement website is considered more stable for long term purpose. These sites fewer probabilities in position change because of the new algorithm frequently applied by Google, MSN and Yahoo. www.e-web-solutions.net always make every effort for strong organic placement websites.

"Ethical SEO" White hat SEO Vs Black hat SEO?

Ethical SEO or White hat SEO is basically to follow guideline and accept standards for optimizing website over search engine results. In White hat, SEO; we don’t use tricks or unethical practices that are sometimes employed by “Black Hat” practitioners. The resultant product by Ethical or "White Hat SEO" is usually a strong longer-lasting positioning which amends them with frequently changing algorithm.

On the other hand, Black Hat Optimization uses such SEO Strategy that is beneficial for short run and most of them are not long lived. Such Black Hat Optimization Strategies are unethical and can result in being penalized, or even permanently banned by some major search engines and directories. White Hat Optimization is the only way to go, don’t risk your website from getting banned!!

What is Black hat SEO?

Black hat optimization employs “tricks” such as hiding white text on a white background, spamming keywords tags with hundreds of keyword's or concealing. These Black hat practices may sound interesting but it fool's search engines in the past. Now days, search engines come across with these cheats and penalize your website for their usage. At E Web Solutions, we don’t employ such cheats or tricks to fool Search Engines. We only go for guidelines and standards prescribed by Search Engines.

Why is my site not showing up in the search engines Such as: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing or the other major search engine?

This is the most common FAQ we are asked.

Google has a checklist of 220 items that must be complied to be a perfect website for the search engines. Any of the following reasons can affect your web site's search engine positioning, and web traffic.

= You might not be using a search engine optimized web design.
= Your site not be decipherable by the engines
= It May be essential information is missing for properly indexing your web page.
= Using of some scripts can prevent search engine spiders or bots to crawl in your web site or read its content.
= Hopefully, your site has not been banned or penalized by the search engines for due to some black hat trick.
= Having a domain name that is registered for a term of more than one year, the longer the better.
= Your website is not properly submitted.
= Files like: robot.txt and sitemap.xml are not created.
= Redirect all traffic from the old url's/site and make sure incoming links to your senile site are redirected correctly using the 301 redirects.

Note - Repeated submissions to search engines will not help.
Never employ a service which automatically or manually submits your site to search engines more than once, this is unnecessary, and can be considered as spam by some engines and major directories.

For a detailed evaluation of your current website, free of charge, please call us today at +91-9555020011 or send us an enquiry.

My site shows up in search results, but not for the keywords I want?

Keyword arrangement plays a significant role in optimizing a site to place well in SERPs (Search Engine Position). There are specialized techniques used for this purpose. It not just a matter for incorporating dozens of keywords in your Meta tags. As a matter of fact, this can result negatively. We can help you with our search engine optimization consultants.

What is a search engine friendly design?

A search friendly web design means; to make a site easily accessible for the search engines to read and index. When Search engines can't read or index some sites, it could be due to following reasons:

= Flash animation
= Java Scripts
= PHP or database driven content is not properly indexing these pages.
= Poison words and stop words. Some words may cause your site to be penalized for inappropriate content.
= Many engines and directories are not in favor of Automated Submissions; many consider them as SPAM and may ban your domain for their use.

In order to attain the "Top of the List" on Google, MSN and Yahoo; there are many aspects to consider. If your site is not search-friendly, and unable to dig up the traffic, you want, let our optimization experts help you in website redesigning and transform them as search engine friendly web design to offer the best chance of top positions.

How to achieve top 10 search results?

To achieve top 10 search results in your site should follow these general rules.

= Search engine friendly web design is a MUST.
= Flash web sites can't be read by search engines.
= Java's script navigation should be avoided or used as secondary navigation.
= Conduct extensive keyword research and then incorporate them in your content.
= Build back links aka inbound links to your site help build Page Rank (PR) and improve search results.
= Relevance attempt to make your site the most relevant to its keywords in the search engine index.
= Never employ devious black hat methods to fool search engines or visitors.

What is Page Rank? What is its importance in terms of my SEO strategy?

Page Rank is the prime factor in Google's determination of the search engine ranking of web sites. Page's rank is the numerous figure assigned by Google to express the relevance, significance and legitimacy of the website based on various links pointing towards your website. However, Page Rank also analyzes the links themselves, and assigns higher importance to links coming from sites that have high Page Rank values themselves. Page Rank is a complex algorithm that contributes a lot in ranking of the websites on search result pages. Thus, it is crucial for SEO Strategy Company to prepare well plans for site optimization.

Can social media optimization drive more traffic and help expand my online business?

Social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc are the most visited website over the internet. If you well advertise through Facebook and Twitter Marketing, you have a long way to go on the Indian and global platform. This results in not just more traffic but better conversions (visitors to customers).

Is SMO beneficial to my site’s rankings?

Yes, social media optimization has a positive impact on your rankings. Facebook and Twitter Marketing services provide the boost to your ranking by getting high quality links to your site. Search engines are friendly towards such natural and organic links.

What if I Have More Questions?

Well, by all means, ask! You can email us at seo@e-web-solutions.net, or you can call us at +91-9555020011


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