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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can a Web Site help in promoting my Business?

A website has assisted to conquer the limitations of old print and broadcast media. Thus website has possible to reach the diverse audience. Through promotion you can get value for marketing materials. Promotion can also help material easily accessible to your site’s user. Once the information is gathered it could be customised to match the specific Individual User requirements. You can deliver data sheets, frequently asked questions (FAQs), press releases, announcements, and newsletters to customers and the media 24 hours a day. We can also track the path through which user access your site and then use the data to provide updates and promotional offers that are relevant to their needs.

  • Your business websites is open 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Website Convenience for your customer.
  • Promote your business, your services, your products and more.
  • Website increases the geographic range of your business.
  • Potential customers can find your business online.
  • Website serve your local customer, and protect your local market.
  • Because your customer are online.
  • Website improves your business image.
  • Because your competitors have one.
  • Website can answer the same questions for you over and over and over.
  • Unlimited advertising your business, and save advertising costs.

Why can't I find pricing on your site?

E-Web-Solutions.net creates a wide range of website, and each of them is customised based. It means customised graphics, functionality based on your requirements for your target audience. We don’t present any ready made templates. There is lot to discuss with you and think (with you) for your website before we can present you any cost estimate. Contact us today and set up phone meeting to know how E-Web-Solutions.net can assist you with your website.

Do I own my website?

For all purposes, yes. We’ll ask you to promise not to turn yourself into a web development company and start competing with us. But yes, if you decided at some point to part ways with www.e-web-solutions.net, you’ll be able to take your website graphics, programming, databases etc. with you.

Is my business/organization too small for your company?

Not at all!!! Fortunately we have worked about 300 plus companies. Some of them are big and some are small and medium sized organisations as well. We have even been working with some most one-person companies! One of the big benefits in partnership with E-Web-Solution.net is at when you grow larger you don’t have shift your company. We know what works and what doesn’t. We can help you grow accordingly.

What makes your firm the best?

Over the past 4 plus years, E Web Solutions.net has grown from small firm into large web design and development company in the country. Despite of our growth, E Web Solutions.net focuses on presenting innovative and user-friendly website design to manage your online application, and supreme support and maintenance services as well.

The Secret to E Web Solutions is highly quality services, including:

  • Design Focusing on functionality and return of ROI
  • Reliable Technology Platforms
  • User-Friendly and Flexible Administrative Tools
  • Reliable and Secure Hosting

Does location matter?

No. While E Web Solutions.net is Delhi, India based. We still crate websites for client across national and international boundaries via usage of internet, email and telephone. It is possible to develop website and communicate effectively irrespective to location.

Who is the E Web Solutions.Net?

The E Web Solutions is a small business primly provides services related to Internet Consulting Services, Website designing, Web development, Internet Marketing, e-Commerce solutions, Web Hosting, Domain Registration and implementations and ongoing maintenance efforts for the small to medium sized business community. With years of experience, best practices and a rich knowledge base, we can take you to the next dimension of website performance. With the focus approached we provide meaningful and measurable results expertise in development of internet, intranet and extranet.

What is a URL?

It stands for "universal resource locator". It is the address types on the address bar to view a certain webpage over internet. For instance, when http://www.e-web-solutions.net/ is typed our homepage is accessible by you.

What are W3C standards?

W3c standards make sure to present technically high quality content in very good format.

What is a domain name?

A Domain Name is a specific website address that you choose and register. Domain Name is a part of Domain Name System which present you an identity that distinguishes you from rest website over the world wide web. To establish your identity you chose a Domain Name can be such as .com, .net, .org etc. it represents either your business brand, family name or anything else which act as your calling card. E Web Solutions Domain Name is www.e-web-solutions.net

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is services that apportion space to showcase your website on computer server that connect to Internet 24*7. Servers are powerful computers. They have extremely large array of hard drives. Space is rented out to those who want “Website Presence” on Internet. Prices for web hosting vary from low to high per year, depending on your requirements.

What is site maintenance?

Maintenance is the amount paid monthly to keep your site updated with new content & security. Fresh content keeps your visitor come back again. Most good website do update their content regularly. FAQ Web Developer in India goal was to recreate the work to have reliability in not just visual practicality but also delivering quality.

What if I Have More Questions?

Well, by all means, ask! You can email us at info@e-web-solutions.net Or you can call us at +91-9555020011


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